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Personalised Wicker Bags (MADE TO ORDER)

🌿🌿Our wicker bags are made of sedge, which are processed by local-wisdom procedure being passed down through generations. They are hand woven and painted by the team of skilful artisans.  

Designed by you and handmade by small community in Southern part of Thailand. We are glad to play a small part to support transformation of waste into useful products and help create jobs in small community. Hope you will love these beautiful eco friendly bags as much as we do. 

🌿🌿Please note that our artisanal wicker bag is made 100% by hand, therefore it might be slightly variation in dimensions, texture, colour, pattern and technique of weaving. 

*Wicker products are non exchangeable and non refundable. Please allow 2.5- 3 weeks for customisation and delivery. It may take slightly longer during high seasons like Christmas and CNY.



  • Empty your bag before cleaning
  • Turn your bags upside-down and shake it to let any crumbs inside the bags  out
  • Wipe the bag with soft damp cloth in circular motion and quickly dry it with dry cloth
  • If there is still crumbs between the straw, gently brush any crumbs away with a used toothbrush. Use a bit of cold water on the brush when needed
  • Keep your bags in the room where there is no direct sunlight and avoid damp area. A long exposure to sunlight can cause the fibres to become dry and brittle.  Moisture could make the bag moldy
  • If you store the bag in your closet or handbags box, be sure to put your straw bags in a cotton or fabrics bags. Using cloth bags will protect the fibres from dust and mold. Let your straw bags out of storage every month to let them breathe 
  • Do not use plastic bags to store straw bags because plastic can melt or stick on your bags overtime 
  • Avoid alcohol (e.g., hand sanitiser), lotion, and perfume on the leather patch as they may cause permanent stain on the leather
  • Please be mindful when putting your belongings inside the bag. There might be some sharps part from stitching leather patch. We try our best to cover that part with hot glue, so do not peel it off