Pre-Orders: CHOU CHOU Personalised Basket Bags

Our personalised Chou Chou basket bags are not only a summer essential. They are a bona-fide closet staple that provides the perfect finishing touch to any look. Chou Chou bags help complement many styles of your outfits (e.g., swimwear, yoga wear, floral dress, denim, crisp shirt, blazer). To add some uniqueness, your initial will be neatly embroidered on a square leather patch at the front of the basket. AND YES! the bag can be worn either on arm or on the shoulder. 
Available in 3 sizes: small  (H22cm X W36cm), medium (H24cm X W41 cm), and large (H47 cm X 26 cm). For medium and large size, the leather patch is available in tan only while there are 5 colour selections of leather patch for small size bag (orange, blue, yellow, tan, pink). Chou Chou are lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. All bags come with a dust bag and nicely packed in the box.

*Due to its handcrafted nature, no two are exactly the same. Every purchase is unique and exclusive. No exchange, return, or refund are allowed. Please allow 2.5-4 weeks for customisation and delivery.