VEE 3D Boat Shape Face Mask (READY STOCK)


VEE masks have been designed and made to limit the spread of germs and use as a chic fashion accessory. Our signature V cut on the top helps provide alignment of the mask and also enhance the nose bridge (Yes, it looks good on the wearer). 

There are two types of VEE mask 

1. Mask with built-in filter (for extra protection)

Four layers consist of:

    1st - Cotton

    2nd - Muslin 

    3rd - High quality filter  (non removable)

    4th - Muslin
2. Mask with filter slot but no built-in filter (for extra comfort) 

Please note that built-in masks are suitable for those who spend lots of time indoor or in air-conditioned places such as office and shopping malls. We’d recommend mask with no permanent filter if you usually go outdoor, especially on a hot and humid day. 

ESTIMATED DATE OF DELIVERY: 2-5 business days after purchase



  1. For your personal hygiene and comfort, please wash your face mask before using. 
  2. V part is the top (place it on the bridge of your nose)
  3. Built-in filter mask is usually more comfortable to wear after a few washes as the filter becomes softer. 
  4. Simply adjust the knot to help the ear loops fit perfectly around your ears. Too loose or too tight ear loops can cause discomfort and difficulty in breathing. 
  5. Make sure the mask is completely secure. Make sure it covers your nose and mouth so that the bottom edge is under your chin. 

* Please contact us via instagram @a.andsaturday or email for any inquiries.