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Fira Crossbody Bag (Pre-order)
Fira Crossbody Bag (Pre-order)
Fira Crossbody Bag (Pre-order)
Fira Crossbody Bag (Pre-order)
Fira Crossbody Bag (Pre-order)
Fira Crossbody Bag (Pre-order)
Fira Crossbody Bag (Pre-order)

Fira Crossbody Bag (Pre-order)

Regular price $139.00
  • Crossbody bag that fashionistas must have
  • Hand-woven by skilful artisans in Southeast Asia
  • Durable, flexible, and lightweight
  • Top zipper
  • Inner lining
  • Bag measures 23x25 cm
  • Micro leather patch at the front, finished it with your initial(s) embroidery  
  • Please indicate your preferred letter ( maximum 2 letters) in “Instruction to a seller” section at checkout. If you select 2 letters, the size of letters will be smaller than 1 letter.
  • Due to its handcrafted nature, no two are exactly the same. Every purchase is unique and exclusive. No exchange or refund is allowe
  • Please allow 2-3.5 weeks for customisation and delivery


  • Empty your bag before cleaning
  • Turn your bags upside-down and shake it to let any crumbs inside the bags  out
  • Wipe the bag with soft damp cloth in circular motion and quickly dry it with dry cloth
  • If there is still crumbs between the straw, gently brush any crumbs away with a used toothbrush. Use a bit of cold water on the brush when needed
  • Keep your bags in the room where there is no direct sunlight. A long exposure to sunlight can cause the fibres to become dry and brittle
  • If you store the bag in your closet or handbags box, be sure to put your straw bags in a cotton or fabrics bags. Using cloth bags will protect the fibres from dust and mold. Let your straw bags out of storage every 2-3 months to let them breathe.
  • Do not use plastic bags to store straw bags because plastic can melt or stick on your bags overtime 
  • Avoid alcohol (e.g., hand sanitiser), lotion, and perfume on the leather patch as they may cause permanent stain on the leather